Clara Berry – Photo Isaac Epstein

Live at The Music Hall –  Faith, Hope, Love & Jesus Hear it!

“The Studio”

Astoundingly, most of The Texas Governor recordings were created in here!


History – The Elevator Drops

Perhaps most notorious for his spectacular work with the early 90’s Cult-Trio The Elevator Drops, Goolkasian, along with bandmates Garvy J (DEVO) & The Man In Orange Suit, created a deranged form of Rock & Roll.  Strange onstage – robotic movements – theatrical face paint – expressions that never came close to addressing the audience. The shows were always excellent, you left feeling like you’d stumbled into this bizarre, secret universe. The Elevator Drops inherent songwriting ability (Beautiful Junky – Be a Lemonhead, Elevator To Heaven), spawned a unique and dynamic pop sound which earned the Boston-based trio critical acclaim and opening slots on tour with (Garbage, Pulp, The Rentals, Echo & The Bunnymen, The Damnbuilders).

Soon after recording Pop Bus & People Mover for TimeBomb/Arista Records in 1999 – Goolkasian left in Texas getting married – heading out for the East Coast Lord knows he’s paid some dues gettin’ through.

The Texas Governor – Genesis

“Texas is big and looking around I too felt GIANT and capable of anything. Driving home across country, it seemed the further I got from Texas, the smaller and more incapable I felt. When I finally returned home, I felt puny and hopeless. Nonetheless I was determined to build a studio and make a record. In my dreams, the studio was grandiose. In my apartment, it was all lopsided wood, old blankets and used cardboard. The ceiling was low that I needed to crouch down rather uncomfortably to sing. In order to avoid passing out I used one hand to keep the cardboard “studio door” open to keep from feeling sick. You see, the discarded blankets which I used for sound proofing, had grown moldy. Despite all of this, I am happy. I just close my eyes and try to remember that BIG feeling I had felt in Texas.”

The Sound

The Texas Governor’s music is simple – yet hard to describe. The influences are all over the map: a little bit country? a little new wave? a little…??? Goolkasian’s voice brings it together – gives it that emotional kick which makes it feel like the real thing. Perhaps Goolkasian describes the sound best:

“The Texas Governor is a carbonated soft drink – a concentrate of filtered water and sweeteners.”

& The Experiments

In 2001 Arch Enemy Records released The Texas Governor’s 1st Self Titled CD featuring Faith, Hope Love & Jesus & Heart That’s True.

In 2004 Arch Enemy Records released The Texas Governor’s -2nd CD – The Experiment featuring Shortwave Radio.

In March 2016 -The Texas Governor is going on a micro-tour of the East Coast USA with friends from the Future Islands to promote the beautiful new single (recorded by Terry Palmer) Sunset Highways

Clara Berry

Clara sings like a bird & a robot (when playing vocorder)!

Clara also performs in Kid Coyote along with percussionist/boyfriend Joe O’Neill – they continually push each other to new bounds with their creativity blending a mix of indie-inspired melodies and electronic soundscapes – taking their listeners to another world.

Nick Phaneuff

Photograph by ANDREA MORALES

Nick Phaneuf

Nick Phaneuf plays things with strings with people he likes. 6 strings with Tan Vampires. 4 strings with Dan Blakeslee and also with Soggy Po Boys. He’s happiest making outer space sounds. He and Goolkasian are on elliptical orbits that intersect periodically.

Terry Palmer

Terry is a wonderful engineer. He plays beautiful lap steel guitar and lives on a boat.

Mike Walsh – Drums

Unable to escape from drums, when not playing music with The Texas Governor, Mike is probably teaching drum lessons at Portsmouth Music and Arts Center, helping out at the Drum Center of Portsmouth, or drumming with Mother Superior and The Sliding Royales, Equal Time, Fiveighthirteen, Weird Turn Pro, and a slew of others.

Mike’s music studies at UNH taught him that he likes jazz a lot more than classical music. Private studies with Boston drumming greats Bob Gullotti, Dave Dicenso, and Steve Michaud will keep Mike practicing forever.

A few years back, guacamole became one of Mike’s all time favorite foods after traveling to Mexico City to perform the music of famed space age composer Juan Garcia Esquivel with the group Mr Ho’s Orchestrotica. If not doing something drum related, Mike is most likely drinking single origin coffee, watching adorable cat videos, and obsessing about freight trains.

Drums seem to follow him wherever he goes.